Our Story


It all started when…

When the Montague Sawmill first opened in the early 1800s, it served as a hub for the community--the place where folks could grind their grain and find any number of reasons to stop in daily or weekly.

The Alvah Stone aims to be that same sort of neighborhood hub by serving creative, ingredient-based regional food and drink in an environment that is casual, modern, and distinctly its own.

Named the best small town restaurant in Massachusetts and one of the ten most beautiful restaurants in the commonwealth, The Alvah Stone has become a destination spot for visitors and a living room for locals in an unforgettable setting overlooking the falls of the Sawmill River.


Alvah Stone was the first proprietor of the Bookmill building in 1834, which was originally known as “Stone’s Gristmill.” Born in Sutton, MA, on November 25, 1793, to Elijah Stone and Sarah Bartlett, Stone married Tamar Paunise Cudworth and eventually settled in Montague, MA. Stone left behind the legacy of the mill building that now acts as a unique cultural destination for Montague and surrounding areas. So Alvah, thanks for picking this spot!


Located on the falls of the Sawmill River in Montague, MA, the mill was originally used to grind grain by Montague individuals, families, and businesses. Now it mills books, as well as being home to The Alvah Stone, The Lady Killigrew Café, Tune it Up and the Sawmill River Arts Gallery.


Howard Wein is a hospitality developer and operator with unparalleled success in the culinary, restaurant, and entertainment industries. He has designed, developed, opened, and operated restaurants in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Phoenix, Los Angeles, London, and Las Vegas.

He currently runs Howard Wein Hospitality, LLC, a hospitality advisory and venture firm, where he works with a variety of clients across the nation. Howard resides in Leverett, MA with his wife, daughter, and son.