THRILLIST: The Best Small-Town Restaurant in Massachusets

“But once you're seated on the Alvah's plank wood deck overlooking the rushing Sawmill River, digging into your delicate chicken liver mousse on toasted rye, smoked sorghum chicken wings, or pillowy gnocchi alla Romana, and sipping on wild fermented hard cider or an Old Pal cocktail on tap, you'll feel a zillion miles away from any frat house or strip-mall Target.”

alvah bw.png

The Alvah Stone Offers A View — And Much, Much More

Tucked away in the tiny Franklin County town of Montague (population 8,437), is the Alvah Stone, a small-burg restaurant with a big-world sensibility — one that it comes by honestly.


Housemade: Elevating “From Scratch” at The Alvah Stone

Cooking “from scratch” is certainly not a new restaurant trend, however, an increasing number of restaurants are placing even more emphasis on this aspect of their cooking in order to ensure the quality and taste of every dish that leaves the kitchen. The Alvah Stone has experimented extensively with re-creating “store-bought” favorites—using fresh, quality ingredients in lieu of their processed counterparts.